A six-month, intimate group Mastermind for heart centered, service-based entrepreneurs who want to connect deeply to their unique gifts and message, build a profitable and scalable business they’re in love with, and be noticed online in a big way.

I know you can relate...

  • Do you want to wake up each day aligned to your purpose, connected effortlessly to your vision and mission and helping your soul-aligned clients that are so excited to work with you achieve big things and feeling inspired and fulfilled, but you’re struggling to see how this can really become your reality?

  • Are you building programs, courses and offers because you feel like you should, without any real strategy or plan to scale in a way that’s aligned to you? You know you need help creating a product suite that matches your expertise but you’re not sure where to look?

  • Do you spend hours online trying to sell your offers and programs, only to be met with people who aren’t committed in investing and want your expertise for free with no real goal of investing in your services?

  • Do you want to unleash your most incredible self, share your powerful message unapologetically and sell in an empowered way that’s aligned to you, but you aren’t sure how to connect to that part of you?

  • Do you want to land that big media feature, be a guest on your favourite podcast, and be seen in a big way, but you don’t even know where to start?

  • You’re tired of sitting on the sidelines, comparing yourself to everyone else, and constantly hustling with no days off. You know there’s more to your life and business than 24/7 hustle, feeling overwhelmed and burning out.

  • Maybe you’ve worked with a coach, you’ve sold some courses and spaces in your programs, and have a lead magnet that helps you build your email list, but you really want consistent income and a business that’s aligned to you in every way.


It’s time to have the life and business you deserve!

Imagine knowing yourself so intimately, owning all of your truth, sharing your message boldly, confidently and without fear, while growing your business in a way that feels authentic and aligned to you?

Imagine the power of connecting to your unique gifts and magic, and getting noticed online in the way you know you’re meant to? Your business is filled with incredible clients, your offers and programs are selling with ease, you’re so connected to your higher purpose and bigger vision, and making that HUGE splash online and in the media. You’re having so much fun in your life and business, you have the time and freedom to spend doing what you love and you’re making so much money in an effortless, yet strategic way.

You’re a big dreamer who’s ready to play big and get seen in a huge way.

You’re ready to fill your programs with soul-aligned clients, land your dream media feature, and create a business that works for you – not against you.

So, what would happen if you stopped comparing yourself to others, got rid of the fears holding you back, and stopped hiding your gifts and really stepped fully into the incredible business owner you are? Haven’t you waited long enough?

If we’re being honest, you need to stop living in the “shoulds” and comparisonitis, and start stepping into the energy that will connect you to your bigger vision and mission, your unique message, the successful business you’re dreaming of and the presence you know you’re meant to have.

Good girls and people pleasers rarely make history!

The women who push boundaries, keep trying and are relentless in achieving their dreams are the ones who leave their mark, because they know that they have important work to do and millions to help. It’s the key that separates those who take inspired action and see results, and those who don’t. She is you.

When you get the right support, surround yourself with the right community and take aligned action to make your dreams happen every day, that’s when the powerful stuff happens.

  • Your life is happening for you, the universe is conspiring to deliver everything you’ve been asking for. What you need is the right mindset, connection to your spiritual blueprint, and framework to implement your strategies and grow your business.

  • Stepping into your authentic truth and voice is what will set you apart from the rest, every single time. 

  • Connecting deeply with your community, audience and clients is more important now than ever. Creating true connections from your soul is what builds lasting relationships. Your soul clients are waiting for you to help them, they need your message and are wanting your guidance. They’re ready to have their lives changed. When you truly believe you have important work to do, connection always aligns.


  • Taking the guesswork out of your business and immersing yourself in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

  • Having soul-aligned clients so excited and ready to work with you and pay you.

  • High-level and customized support to guide you through your journey
  • Accountability to make sure you’re staying true to yourself, your life and your business.

  • Fully stepping into and owning your true magic, the very essence of what makes you so incredible.

  • Creating a powerful, deeper connection to your self, desires, beliefs and truth.

  • A mindset makeover, squashing those limiting beliefs to step fully into your magic.

  • Connecting with your soul-aligned business vision and mission.

  • Creating and being blown away by your soul-led blueprint that aligns with your heart-centered business.
  • Getting crystal clear on your audience and niche, and how you help them.

  • Creating your signature offer using all of your expertise to grow and scale your business.

  • Unleashing your most powerful voice and message, and creating a cohesive communications plan that aligns with your business and offer.

  • Selling and launching in a heart-centered way, and no longer feeling like you’re undeserving of money.

  • Landing that big media feature, being a guest on your favourite podcast, and being seen by new audiences and growing your community in a big way.

You don’t have to play small, dim your light, or fit into a box where you don’t belong anymore. 

You get to have the business and life you love. It gets to be fun. It gets to be easy. You’re seen just as you are, and you have important work to do here.

You’re a big dreamer. It’s time to step into the powerful business owner you’re destined to be, while learning how to protect your space, time and energy.

* This Academy is only for self-starters, action takers and people who are committed to getting results. Please only apply if you’re serious about investing and are ready to do the work required to see massive change.

Hey, I’m Simona, an Intuitive Business and Mindset Coach and Podcast host.

I’m so passionate about helping heart-led self starters step into their magic and connect to their voice, their message and in turn their community in a significant way so they can grow their business.

I’ve seen what happens when you play small, dull your gifts and stay paralyzed by fear, which is why I’ve made it my life mission to empower entrepreneurs to really tap into their true selves.

I help my clients find their confidence, master their mindset, overcome their limiting beliefs, get clear on their messaging, connect to their voice and build a business strategy that works so they can step out of their own way and see amazing results – and have SO much fun along the way!

I’ve used the mindset work and strategies taught in this signature program to grow my business from the ground up, and selling out my first-ever launch, so I know it works!

I love to do things my way, the most aligned way, and the way that makes the most sense to me. I believe in true, genuine connection, and that your business is a beautiful extension of you, which is why my coaching is tailored for every single client. You can have all of the strategies in the world, but the real magic happens when you know your worth.

My business is built on four core principles, and I use this framework in all of my work:

  • Connecting. Connect to your: self, voice, vision, mission + values
  • Aligning. In mindset, routine, balance and business
  • Messaging. With self, business and then community. Impactful messaging that converts.
  • Building. Programs, courses, scaling your business to get you noticed in the media.

I’ve followed my intuition and energy to start and launch my podcast in January 2019, followed by my coaching business soon after. Since then, I’ve helped both women and men access their highest potential, shift their mindset and build a business they love, have gone into my business full time and grown my community significantly.

I have 7+ years in communications, marketing and public relations, and have invested thousands in my development, coaching programs and coaches.

I’m no different than you. I’m not lucky or special, I simply believe my life’s mission is worth it, took a big leap of faith and invested in my growth, because I trust that my work is important.

This can be your life too, it can really happen for you. Are you serious about working together and trusting that you deserve to have all you want out of this life too? 

"Simona is a great friend who calls you out on all your S#*T!"

Kerri Scott, Author

"In the most tender and loving way she saw through my limiting beliefs and questioned if I was being accountable for them. She intuitively knew the questions to ask me that would expose me to the doubt that I didn’t even allow myself to see I struggled with. Questions like “Do you want to be seen in a really big way?” Her guidance is actionable and inspiring. I approached our clarity call seeking help on how to grow my platform. Her advice came from a place of experience and knowledge, giving me tools to implement her suggestions. Not only did she offer her expertise but she could highlight the areas about me where I could not see my own strengths. Simona gave me a marketing strategy to make big, progressive steps that overcame my mental limitations as well as the clarity to see how I had been holding myself back. This has been huge for me because it helped me recognize that I was focusing too much on my platform when I had a wealth of other tools I could implement. By the end of our conversation I felt I had Simona’s confidence in me that I could borrow until I was truly able to embrace it on my own."


  • Six months of group coaching

  • One 90-minute intensive strategy session

  • Two intimate group coaching calls per month

  • One 1:1 coaching call per month

  • Full review of anything you create (landing pages, sales pages, course content, etc.)

  • 24/7 access to me on Voxer

  • Intimate and private Facebook community with 24/7 support

  • Eight go-at-your-own-pace learning modules with value-packed recordings

  • Tons of trainings, exercises and support materials


MODULE 1 – Heart-Centered Foundation

Most people I work with are clear about what they don’t want, and need help getting where they want to be. 

In this module, you set the foundation of your success. You uncover and connect to your why, identify and release limiting beliefs using my proprietary method, find alignment within yourself, and connect to your truth. You’ll finally be able to step out of fear, blocks and limiting beliefs and into your magic.

MODULE 2 – Your North Star and Guiding Compass

In this module, you’ll connect to your bigger vision, your guiding north star and create your business vision and mission.

This happens by stepping into your truth and filling your soul’s desire. To access this, we’ll create your soul-led roadmap to a successful, growing business and a life you’re excited about.

You will be absolutely blown away by your soul’s mission.

MODULE 3 – Your Soul-Aligned Client + Niche

This module is work that’s tried and true. This builds the foundation of who you help, and how it’s reflected in your business, personality, skills, qualifications, passion and interests. 

We’ll dive into your soul-aligned client and get to know them inside out, while connecting to your unique gifts and how those gifts are the solution to your soul-aligned clients’ problems. We’ll also solidify your niche and learn how to do effective market research.

MODULE 4 – Creating Your Signature Offer

Module 4 helps you tap into your unique gifts identified in the previous module to build out a program or offer that’s unique to you, aligned with your business, and solves your soul-aligned client’s biggest problems.

It will also help you take the guesswork out of building a sales page with my easy to follow steps and structure. You’ll also learn how to create beautiful graphics that are aligned with you and your brand.

MODULE 5 – Messaging and Communication

Module 5 teaches you how to uncover your brand voice, how to communicate with your audience in a powerful way, and how to connect your words to your clients’ pain points. 

We’ll learn how to tell powerful stories, create magnetic copy and structure your captions for maximum impact. You’ll also learn how to create an all-encompassing communications plan for your launch and how to cross-promote across many media platforms for maximum exposure.

MODULE 6 – Organic Social Media Marketing

This module shows you all the social media platforms you can use for your launch and how to use them. You’ll learn how to integrate your messaging for each platform so that you can maximize your impact and connect with your soul-aligned client, and how to take that magnetic copy and cross-promote it. 

MODULE 7 – Heart-Centered Sales

How you sell is everything. You know how icky it is to sell something in a sleezy way – that’s the opposite of what we learn here. In this module, learn how to access sales from a soul-led place, sell in a heart-centered way, and be empowered to sell your program, launch your offer and feel aligned and excited to sell and share your magic.

We will talk about what sales isn’t, how to align your freebies to support your launch, and impactful email sequences that convert.

MODULE 8 – Heart-Centered Launching

Launching can be overwhelming, filled with so many emotions and fears, but it truly doesn’t have to be that way.

This module covers shifting your mindset around launching, making sure you’re launching in a heart-centered way, aligning your launch and knowing that it doesn’t have to be hard, that it gets to be fun, it gets to be easy. You’ll dive into aligning your launch plan, warming up leads and how to support yourself and your launch.

Launching is an extension of you, sharing your program, sharing your magic and your gifts is a birth right.

MODULE 9 – Getting in the Media

You’ve done SO much work and have so many incredible things to share. You’re a true visionary leader and it’s time to get seen in a big, impactful way.

This module is one of my favorites, because it teaches you why you need to be in the media and how it grows your brand and company. You’ll get access to pitch templates that you can implement and use right away, creating a media page and a media kit. You’ll learn how to get featured and how to use these features to sell your programs and services.


I’ve seen so many incredible entrepreneurs who want to create a podcast, but don’t have the slightest clue of where to start. That’s why I’ve added this bonus module to teach you the A-Z of getting your podcast up and running, how to market it, how to interview, bring on guests – EVERYTHING!

Take it from these incredible souls!

"Since our call, I've experienced a shift in my mindset around sales."

Kaity O'Keefe, Social Media Manager & Coach

Simona is an amazing coach, friend, and mentor. Since our call, I've experienced a shift in my mindset around sales. Between both the practical tips and helping me step out of limiting beliefs around sales, I feel so much more confident and prepared for my next sales call. I totally recommend hiring Simona if you are looking for a coach who will hold space, give you the strategies and mindset tips, and then hold you accountable to your goals.

"Simona's one on one coaching is very insightful."

Nicole Larouche, Spiritual Coach and Writer

Simona offers many great services. Her course From Stuck to Glow Up really allows you to dig deep as she prompts you with the right questions. Her podcast is amazing with some fantastic guests. Simona's one on one coaching is very insightful. She is very caring, attentive and takes the time to listen to what you share with her and helps you put your goals into perspective and gives you step by step instructions to help you achieve success. I couldn't be more happy to have met her.

"Simona’s guidance and help throughout the entire process of creating my podcast was game-changing."

Dana Clark, Founder of Heroic Humans and Cool to Connect

Simona’s guidance and help throughout the entire process of creating my podcast was game-changing. She gave me all the tools and resources that I could have asked for, and was so patient, kind and encouraging when it came to releasing the podcast of my dreams! I highly recommend working with Simona, she will not disappoint you. Simona helped me stay confident in my ideas and helped me execute them. She has such a positive mindset and it really is contagious. She made me feel so supported and really knows her stuff. Thank you, Simona!"

This program is packed with value!

Here's what it's worth:

  • x1 90-minute intensive session with lifetime access to recording ($700 value)

  • x2 group coaching calls per month ($3000)

  • x1 1:1 coaching call per month ($600)

  • Full review of anything you create (landing pages, sales pages, course content) ($2000)

  • 24/7 access to me on Voxer for six months ($5000)

  • Intimate and private Facebook community with 24/7 support ($2000)

  • 8 go-at-your-own-pace learning modules with value-packed recordings – Lifetime access ($10,000)

Total value: $23,300

I promise you, the price you actually pay isn’t even close to this!

This is not for you if:

  • You’re comfortable staying where you are

  • You’re not looking for massive growth or to be seen in a big way

  • You aren’t interested in investing the time, money and energy into your dream business

  • You aren’t willing or ready to make the changes you need to level up significantly

  • You don’t want the heart-led systems and structures to help your business grow and scale

If you think about your life and your business, where you want to be, and how long it will take to get there on your own, can you afford NOT to make the decision to change your life?

You deserve to have the business and life you love. You deserve to wake up each day aligned in your purpose, connected effortlessly to your vision and mission, helping your soul-aligned clients that are so excited to work with you, and feeling inspired and fulfilled.

You deserve to have a product suite that matches your expertise.

You deserve clients who want to invest in your programs and are ready to work with you.

You deserve to unleash your most incredible self, unleash your most powerful message unapologetically and sell in an empowered way that’s aligned to you.

You deserve to land that big media feature, be a guest on your favourite podcast, and be seen in a big way.

It’s time to get off the sidelines, create more flow, and fall in love with the life you’re designing for yourself. No more hustle, feeling overwhelmed or burning out.

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